Liminal X ANU College of Asia & The Pacific
June, 2019

In collaboration with the ANU College of Asia & The Pacific, I commissioned and edited Perfection, an online collection of fiction, poems, essays and comics, featuring Bella Li, Julie Koh, Stephen Pham, Cher Tan, Adalya Nash Hussein, Humyara Mahbub, Anny Luo and urbigfrog.

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Liminal x New York Times Takeover
May 28—June 1, 2018

In collaboration with the New York Times in Australia, I led a range of inclusive discussions with NYtimes readers about race, identity and Australia. Read more about the takeover in the NYtimes Press Run, or in Nieman Lab

Pencilled In Issue #4
Guest Editor

For this edition, I commissioned nine previous Liminal interviewees to create art for a collaboration with Asian-Australian magazine Pencilled In.

Featuring Mindy Gill, James J. Robinson, Omar Sakr, Vivienne La, Sumudu Samarawickrama, Rachel Ang, Madison Griffiths, Nikki Lam and Stephen Pham.


Emerging Writers Festival 2019
EWF x LIMINAL: Interstitial

Salman Rushdie notes that the diasporic identity is “plural and partial” – sometimes we straddle two cultures, and other times, we fall between two stools. What does it mean to be both? What could it mean to stand on the hyphen that connects and separates; to build a self within interstitial space?

A LIMINAL poetry night, to explore this idea through poetry, prose and comics. Featuring artists Rachel Ang, Heather Joan Day, Peo Michie, Darlene Silva Soberano and Jessie Tu, and hosted by Leah Jing.

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Emerging Writers Festival 2018
Writing & Photography Workshop

You have a story to tell, but how do you draw your reader in? From constructing the perfect interview, to photographing your subjects, to picking the perfect image, the visual story you tell can be just as vital as the words on the page.

Liminal team Leah Jing & Adolfo Aranjuez ran a free, three-hour workshop, to help emerging writers sharpen their interview skills and learn about visual storytelling.