Liminal Magazine


I founded Liminal in late 2016, in response to a lack of representation of the Asian-Australian identity within Australian media. We publish art and long-form interviews with talented Asian-Australians, in an effort to interrogate, explore and celebrate the Asian-Australian experience. 

Liminal has hosted subjects such as It's Not A Race producer Beverley Wang, Homecoming Queens writer Michelle Law, poet Omar Sakr, playwright Jean Tong, artist Phuong Ngo, amongst many other incredible Asian-Australians. 

Liminal has been awarded a Signal Young Creatives Lab Grant, a Multicultural Arts Victoria Grant, and a Creative Victoria Grant. We have worked with Channels Festival, Mapping Melbourne, and the New York Times Australia Bureau. 



Liminal Presents at Signal Arts
January 18, 2018

As part of the Inaugural Signal Young Creatives Lab, I co-curated and produced Liminal Presents, a night for poetry, art, music and dance.

The event featured artists Roj Amedi, Madison Griffiths, Thanh Hằng Phạm, Adolfo Aranjuez, Neil Morris, Eugenia Flynn, Elizabeth Flux, DJ Small Fry, Non Chalant, Mike Eleven, Lee Lai, Lachy Siui and Pey Chi. 

For Liminal Presents, I edited A Third Space, a limited-edition zine, comprised of interviews with our artists.  



Event photographs by Anne Moffat. 

Liminal x New York Times Takeover
May 28—June 1, 2018

In collaboration with the New York Times in Australia, I led a range of inclusive discussions with NYtimes readers about race, identity and Australia. Read more about the takeover in the NYtimes Press Run, or in Nieman Lab

Reflection Exhibition: 'Liminal' Portraits
No Vacancy Gallery, 5—17 December

Part of the Mapping Melbourne Festival, exhibiting alongside Pimpisa Tinpalit and Yumemi Hiraki. 

Asian-Australian representation is largely absent from the Australian cultural landscape; stories that define us are often about us, not by us. 'Liminal' is an attempt to create space where we may shape our own narratives. Each photograph is a collaboration with the subject, with an aim to present them as they are: in surroundings of their choosing, in garments of their own. What does it mean to be Asian-Australian? What does it mean to take up space? These photographs engage with the multiplicity, strength and beauty of Asian-Australian identity.