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In conversation with Alexander Chee, The Wheeler Centre

In conversation with Alexander Chee, The Wheeler Centre


Creative State Summit: Making space – diversity and inclusion in the independent sector, 2019.
How can we imagine and work towards a truly intersectional arts sector?

Synthetic Heat 2.2 Reading series, West Space, 2019.

Alexander Chee: How to Write an Autobiographical Novel, Wheeler Centre, 2019.
In conversation with writer Alexander Chee for the Wheeler Centre’s Mayhem series.

City of Literature Brains Trust, UNESCO City of Literature Office, 2019
Developing a strategic plan for the City of Literature.

State of play – equity and inclusive practice in Australia Panel, Diversity Arts Symposium, 2019.
ArtsHub article, ‘9 electric quotes on diversity from industry experts’ on this panel here.

International Women’s Day Panel on burnout, mental health and self-care, herwords, 2019.
What does it mean when you’re continually asked to 'be strong', achieve big things, and drive change?

Parliament: Future Melbourne, Senator for the City of Literature Senate, 2018.
Presented in partnership with the Melbourne UNESCO City of Literature Office.

'The Next Big Thing' Reading for The Wheeler Centre, 2018
Reading 'The Grand Canyon and Other Chasms', an essay created during my Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship.

'Keep the Fire Burning' Panelist at National Gallery of Victoria, 2018. 
It’s one thing to have a passion project, but when you’re not getting paid and trying to juggle other commitments, how do you keep that passion alive?

‘Cultural exchange in the We-media era’ Panelist at the Australia-China Young Dialogue, 2018.
Exploring the impact of social media on Australia-China cultural and social exchange.

'Visible' Panelist at Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, 2018.
An open-circle discussion about diversity in the Arts and the challenges women of colour have getting their work seen.  

IMAGE:POWER Chair at Footscray Community Arts Centre, 2018
What does a decolonised visual culture look like? What exactly does decolonisation in art mean? 

In Conversation with Savanhdary Vongpoothorn at National Gallery of Australia, 2018. 
Lao-Australian artist Savanhdary Vongpoothorn in conversation with Leah Jing.

Cosmopolitan Possibilities Panelist at The Institute of Postcolonial Studies, 2018.
Prompted by their recent discovery of a multicultural literature archive at Deakin University, cultural studies academics come together with artists to explore how art and ‘the digital’ can be used to find new points of connection between diasporic narratives.

SIGNAL X LIMINAL Workshop Presenter, at the Emerging Writers Festival, 2018
A workshop for visual storytelling, led with writer and performer Adolfo Aranjuez

Closed Forum for Women and Non-Binary Writers Participant for the Emerging Writers Festival, 2018. 
Presentation at the EWF Closing Night, 2018. 

A Platform of One's Own Presenter at the Digital Writers Festival, 2017. 
Carving out a space of your own within the digital stratosphere, and the challenges and possibilities of the medium